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Looking for Car Hire excess insurance or Van Hire insurance - Motorhome / Campervan Hire insurance and Minibus Hire insurance?


Car Hire excess insurance

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Minibus Hire excess insurance



Before you leave home - Ensure thay you are carrying both your picture and paper driving licences. The paper licence is essential as it shows any endorsements you may have.

When you collect the car:

  • Check the vehicle for damage
  • Check the spare tyre


  • Most car rental locations require a credit card
  • Most car rental locations will not accept debit or switch cards
  • You must have held a valid driving licence for one year
  • British licence holders should note that many car hire outlets will not release the rental vehicle on sight of a photocard driving licence without also seeing the paper licence counterpart.They may also ask to see the paper licence counterpart of all named drivers.
  • Always ask what is included in the rates quoted
  • Never initial or sign an agreement without asking about each item
  • Do not over insure. If you have travel insurance you do not need personal effects or personal accident insurance
  • Pre-purchase or Pre-reserve your car rental
  • Purchase from agents within your own country in case you need refunds or assistance
  • When you pick-up your vehicle determine where the drop off point is for your return
  • Ask if the return area has an attendant. If not, who do you return the car to?
  • If you leave the vehicle without check-in, examine it for damage and photograph it from every angle.
  • Drink drive laws vary from country to country - for example in Italy if you have a glass of wine and a grappa with dinner and you are stopped by the police - you will be fined.
  • Know your speed limits - these vary from country to country.
  • Speed / Radar cameras certainly apply to rental cars as well! The rental company will be notified and the renter contacted by the authorities. Speed traffic camera information is now being sent from one country to another. e.g. someone caught speeding with a French registered car in Italy will find that the fine will be reported to the French authorities if it is not paid.
  • Check with the Hire company if you can take the car out of the country you are renting in.e.g. Going from France into Italy or if renting in Ireland can you take the car into Northern Ireland or into the Republic of Ireland.

The above information has been prepared in association with information from Insurance 4 Car Hire Agents Ltd


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Tips for Travllers - Riviera Reporter June / July 2006 - Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is France'ssingle biggest car rental market, ahead of both Orly and CDG. Not surprisingly, complaints fromcustomers are quite freequent. A couple of tips: when you drop off a car always insist on an acceptance slip - and you have to insist very firmly. That way you won't get charged for a spare wheel possibly nicked by a previous hirer. If you've not got the acceptance signature you might even get charged for a wheel missing from an identical vehicle. This is the Côte d'Arnaque - the rip-off Riviera - remember... And if you get a parking ticket while driving a rental vehicle tell them at the drop-off point and it'll cost you less if they have to chase you up later.

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You will need Travel insurance for your holiday in the South of France



Car Rental - South of France


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